Courses for foreigners.

We are able to arrange a language course for almost all clients, especially for German, English and French speaking foreigners.

Intensive group courses (3 – 5 persons)

Course type Course fee/1 person
Five days (40 lessons) 160,- EURO
Three days (24 lessons) 100,- EURO
Two days (16 lessons) 70,- EURO

Individual courses (1 - 2 persons)

Course type Course fee/1 person
lesson (45 minutes) 13,- EURO

Courses can be suited to your individual needs and wishes.

  • we will adjust the course’s timetable to your possibilities; the courses are usually scheduled from Monday to Friday, 8 lessons a day (each lesson is 45 minutes). The whole course consists of 40 lessons a week
  • it is possible to create a closed group – for example 3 – 5 persons, the arrangements of the course would be personalizedcourses are aimed at conversation and practical knowledge of language, enlarging the vocabulary, courses are aimed also at listening and understanding
  • accommodation – we will arrange it for you in one of our contractual hotels in České Budějovicewe can arrange leisure time activities after lessons (theatre and cinema tickets, bowling, tennis etc.), but these are not included in the price of the course

Language courses for business companies

  • our customers’ requests will be included into our offer
  • entrance tests, designing the groups and choosing the best option of teaching
  • monitoring the attendance and monitoring the real progress of all students
  • you will be issued an invoice every month (given lessons only)
  • leaving tests, evaluations

    the teaching is arranged mainly in Southern Bohemia, but our clients are from all parts of the Czech Republic