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General terms:

The presented prices are only informative and they relate to commonly used languages. The final price of each order is determined after consultations with the client. After the translation agency has received the text to be translated, it will inform the client about the estimated price which will be determined according to the difficulty of the translation, the deadline, the requested graphic design, the intensity of interpreting, the way of handing in the completed work etc. The commonly used languages are as follows: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish.


  • Headlines, titles and unfinished lines are considered as complete lines. The last unfinished page is considered as a complete standard page. One standard page (SP) is defined as 30 lines each of which consisting of 60 strokes (i.e. 1800 characters in the text editor MS Word).
  • The standard time limit for translations is 6 SP in a working day (the days of receiving and handing in an order are not counted).
  • Additional charges: For work done during weekends and state holidays, transcription and translation of a sound or video recording, for the translation of a badly legible original text, or express translations (i.e. more than 6 SP a day - see point 2) etc. The additional charges are determined by an agreement between the translation agency and the client.


  • The working day of an interpreter is 8 hours long, including all the breaks
  • The time an interpreter spends on the way from home to the place of interpreting and back is included in the interpreter’s working hours.
  • If it is not agreed otherwise, the client shall provide the interpreter with enough time and all the written materials necessary for preparation before actual interpreting begins.
  • During conference interpreting, the client shall provide the interpreter with suitable working conditions, necessary audiovisual aids, enough room for work, all written materials that are read by the lecturers, and will secure good audibility.
  • The client shall not demand any other work than that contracted, such as written minutes, written translation, guiding or organizational services, social events etc.
  • If it is not agreed otherwise, any written, audio, or other kind of recording of interpreter’s work is subject to copyright and the client shall therefore make a contract with the translation agency before the work commences.
  • Travel costs: The client shall cover the interpreter’s board, accommodation and travel costs. Otherwise all these costs will be charged by the translation agency. Accommodation is provided in single-bed rooms with all facilities (other kinds of accommodation must be agreed upon by the interpreter). In case the board is not provided during the whole event, the client will cover it directly to the interpreter (this also applies to trips abroad).

Interpreter’s duties:

  • The interpreter shall wear clothes suitable for the kind of work that has been contracted.
  • The interpreter shall work according to the standards common in this profession and perform his/her duties in due quality.
  • The interpreter shall consider all the information heard during privat events as strictly confidential.
  • If it is not agreed otherwise, the interpreter has a right to refuse to work under unsuitable conditions or for physical, psychical, or ethical reasons.
    • Price list:

    Translations: 1 SP = 1800 strokes (60 strokes x 30 lines), The number of standard pages is rounded to the closest 0.5. See General terms for additional charges. All prices are without VAT 21%.

Denouncing a contract:

  • If a client denounces an ordered written translation, he/she shall cover all the documented costs of already performed work or the whole translation in case it has been already completed.
  • If a client denounces ordered interpreting services 7 - 4 days before the event, the client shall pay 20% of the agreed price, 3 - 2 days before the event 50% of the agreed price, and on the day of the event 100% of the agreed price.

Translation – VAT (21%) not included

Translation type Price for Sp from Czech Standard From 9 EURO Specialized From 10 EURO Express From 12 EURO Proof reading 6 EURO Legal authorization 1,5 EURO Stylistic and layout editing 5 EURO

Interpreting - Vat (21%) not included

Type Price for an hour consecutive interpreting From 12 EURO Simultaneous From 17 EURO